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The Journey

A pioneer in the local blogging scene, nabbing various awards and accolades including Asia best blog, this digital alternative media specialist has, for the past 20 years, works in different capacity for the digital divisions of Astro Malaysia Holdings, Media Prima Berhad and UNITAR United Multimedia besides contributing on a regular basis to local and international content publications.

A noted fan of the arts and politics underworld, his impact transcends the digital space with a regular appearance in local TV and printed media channels including strategising social media coverage of the previous general elections.

Moving forward, The BDSM Consulting emerges to deliver top-notch consultancy services in digital, mobile, social media and information communication & technology (ICT). We design a strategic content roadmap to develop world-class technology-integrated system and application for our clients and their consumers.

With more than 200,000 followers on social media, he is called the King of the Malaysian Alternative & New Media. He brings with him experience, technical know-how and influence to add to your offerings.


The Proficiencies

Mobile Phone

Digital/Mobile Mindblown

Social network concept

Social Media Masterplan

Data on a Touch Pad

Big Data Mastermind


UI/UX Masterpiece

Digital social media

Digital Marketing Maestro

Concert Clip

AudienceConX Mindset


The Experience

Day in and day out, I’m regularly taking on new and exciting projects that help me build my brand. From industry-related tasks to unusual and sporadic opportunities, each experience I’ve had has turned me into who I am today. Have a look at everything I’ve done, and send any questions my way.

PGL Musical 2020

Nov 2019 - Current

Managing the official portal, digital marketing and big data analytics for the award-winning musical production Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical for 2020 including developing an AR mobile app to enhance audience experience on social media.


Dec 2019 - Jan 2020

Crafting the social media strategic plan for the Indonesian superhero film, Gundala during Malaysian screening which includes social media ground activations and big data analytics.


Feb 2018 - Aug 2018

Managing the social media election campaign to increase the engagement rate and social media presence of Astro AWANI coverage for Malaysia's 14th General Election. Won silver for Best Social Media Engagement at 2018 Asian Digital Media Awards in Hong Kong.


Aug - Sept 2017

Leading a social media engagement project in conjunction with Malaysia 60th Independence by leveraging on Astro AWANI real-time live updates on the social media platform. The engaging journey crafted to inspire the younger audience on our historical journey within 48 hours to 31st of August 1957.

Author of "Sultan Pun Blog"

Apr 2010

"Sultan Pun Blog" is a compilation of writing taken from the personal blog. Three outstanding celebrities, Siti Nurhaliza, Tiara Jacquelina & Mamat Khalid were given the honour to write their thought in the book.

PGL The Musical

Aug 2006 - Feb 2009

Managing the official portal for the award-winning musical production Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical for Season 2 and Season Finale including the Singapore Experience performance at The Esplanade in Nov 2006.

Nikki @The Glass House Project

Dec 2005

Malaysia's longest album launching event was powered by a unique idea involving Nikki who will be quarantined in a glass house to prepare herself for her debut album launching.

Akademi Fantasia

Apr 2003 - Aug 2009

Starting as a dedicated blogger who maintains only his personal blog, finally been offered by Astro RIA to manage the official portal for a phenomenal reality TV program, Akademi Fantasia.

Entertainment Blog sultanmuzaffar

Feb 2002 - Apr 2012

Pioneering citizen journalism and alternative media through an entertainment blog in February 2002 which garnered few awards and accolades including Best Asia Blog and Malaysia Best Blog 2006.

CD-ROM Windows To Malaysia

June - Nov 1997

Multimedia programmer for CD-ROM Windows To Malaysia 97, a comprehensive CD-ROM title on Malaysia depicting Malaysia's history, religion, culture, society, infrastructure, commerce, tourism, politics and its Vision 2020. Won Best CD Title at PIKOM IT Awards 1998.


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